The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Here we are at the end of another school year. I am so grateful and proud when I think of the growth from 5th grade to the end of 7th. There was a time when school was so difficult for my son and I did everything in my power to make sure that one day he would be successful all on his own. For those of you who have followed our journey with ADD, I made the decision after Christmas to take him off his medication. I was nervous but he wanted to give it a try so I reluctantly agreed. The end result was nothing short of amazing. He is completing his work on his own, handing it in most of the time and his confidence has grown leaps and bounds. What I’ve learned is there are good teachers, great teachers, and horrible teachers and parents just need to fill in the gaps when something is lacking. I am so disappointed that my sons team this year did not follow the plan to email me about his grades, his focus and the quality of his work. I believe communication is crucial especially at a time a student is transitioning off of medication, not to mention it is part of his 504 plan. They didn’t think twice however to email me the handful of times when his behavior was less than perfect. Just today I received an email from a teacher who intended to send me a message notifying me that Chase made a comment during his class. The problem is that instead of sending the email only to me, he typed the words while the whole class read them on the projector in the front of the room. Of course, he was emailing me to apologize but can you imagine the embarrassment and humiliation Chase must have felt in those horrible moments as his classmates were reading these words? Personally I don’t understand why I even got an email home. Was this grown man not able to handle this situation on his own that he felt an email was even warranted? Remember, I have begged for communication when it comes to his progress and school work but never do I get an email regarding that. I end this year a little sad. It’s so disappointing that behavior seems to be more of a concern than learning but I have decided to let that ship sail and focus on the positive. There was a time my son couldn’t complete a single paper on his own and now he is rocking it all on his own.

I guess what I would like everyone to know is that it is devastating for a parent to watch their child struggle in school. Some people believe ADD exists and others think it’s just a myth but parents do what they feel is in the best interest of their child. They don’t need to be judged or shamed because they choose one way or another, they need love and support because this can be a very difficult time. It’s easy to have an opinion but the only way to really understand a situation is to live through it yourself. Be kind. Be empathetic and keep opinions to yourself unless you are asked to give some advice. There are enough critics, sometimes people just need the support of a friend,


2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. As long as your son has you in his corner, he will do great things! I loved reading how his confidence has boosted, and that he is doing well off of his medication. I can’t even imagine how hard and scary that decision must have been, but it’s wonderful that you now know it was the right decision.

    I am looking forward to the end of the year, too. My kiddo will be heading into 7th grade next year, which means going to a huge middle school. I’m nervous about it, but she is really excited over the whole thing. This has been a tough year for her: a back injury, a concussion, several rounds of strep … ugh. And, she really doesn’t like her teacher this year, either. This is the first year that she hasn’t liked a teacher. What makes it even harder is that she feels her teacher doesn’t like her. It’s painful, all around. =(


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