You Write It Wednesday


Do you have a special mantra you use for words of encouragement? What is it? 

One day I was in yoga going through a guided meditation for relaxation. I really believed I was completely relaxed until the yoga teacher would suggest something like softening your eyebrows. I realized even though I thought I was relaxed, my body was still tense. It was necessary to focus on each individual part to relax completely. Sometimes the whole is a slight misrepresentation of the parts. That is the day I realized how important it was to set an intention and to check in with myself throughout the day to assure I was meeting my own personal goal. Wayne Dyer suggested a mantra recently that I have started to practice recently. It goes something like this, Everywhere I go, I am surrounded by peace. Inner peace is such an important thing to me. Sometimes though, I don’t realize I am putting out thoughts and behaviors that will bring me the exact opposite and if I achieve that peace and carry that with me while I am putting out that intention, the odds are my day has a favorable chance of leaning that way. So tell me, what is your mantra today?

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