When Life Knocks You Down, Stand Back Up


Sometimes life doesn’t go as we plan. There is so much we cannot control, so much we cannot predict, so many things that will come out of nowhere and completely knock the wind out of our sails. We have a choice to lay down and die as our boat gets tossed around. We have a choice to remain completely stranded, lost at sea or we find another way. When there is nothing left to do, we row. We must use every bit of knowledge we have, we must reach down deep and find that strength and the will to do whatever it takes to survive. When we are destroyed on the inside, we must put a smile on our face on the outside and carry on. We wait for those things that knock us off our feet to pass. We embrace the pain, the disappointment and that gnawing tug of anxiety that robs us of our sleep at night. We must feel what we want to heal and accept the scar that will be left behind. When we feel raped and left there feeling used and vulnerable we must stand back up. When life throws us into a tailspin, we must find a way to straighten the wheel. When selfishness and anger attack us unexpectedly we must choose love and forgiveness and pray for the healing we need to move on. When we look in the mirror and our deepest pain is staring back at us, we must make the choice to be patient and gentle with ourselves. We row and row and row until finally drained and completely exhausted, we reach a better place. We distance ourself from the place we don’t want to be but the memory of it will always be fresh in our mind. It will try and drag us down, reinvent the sinking feeling deep in our gut to pull us back under. It will tap us on the shoulder and dare us to look back but we must find the strength to turn our head and look forward. We row. We move on. We do whatever it takes just to survive.

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