Through The Eyes of a Parent


Today I stayed in bed as my kids left to go to their last day of school. My son is at the end of his 7th grade year and my daughter is wrapping up 10th. They are so excited summer is finally here and that they can leave another school year behind. It seems like yesterday when they were climbing on the school bus together in elementary school. I remember when I was about their age thinking the school years would never end. As a parent, I feel much different. I’m not sure why life seems so cruel when you are a parent. Each year goes faster and faster as your kids gradually slip away. I never had to think about anything other than our little family residing together separate from the rest of the world. Now I realize, ready or not, those days are quickly coming to a close. They are excited to grow up, get out on their own and move on. Quietly I sit with my heart in my hand, sadly watching them tiptoe away. Of course I want them to be responsible adults with lives of their own but I also long to go back to the days when they were so small and full of life. When their world was much smaller and my time with them was so much bigger. We get stuck on this carousel riding and waiting out the circle of life. Sometimes we need a minute to jump off and catch our breath but it keeps spinning and spinning until we are so dizzy we have no choice but to lay down and close our eyes. There are some years that are so hard you pray for them to pass quickly so you can just move on. The older we get, the more we learn to get over the hard and stay focused on the moments in life that are good. We move our feet to a place that is better and happier and we no longer dwell in a place that is uncomfortable and doesn’t feel so good. We hold onto the moments as the years slip away under our feet. We shed a tear of sadness because another school year is over instead of a tear of joy that our child successfully made it through. We go on, we get out of bed and we adapt to the change taking place every single day. We forgive more, we love deeper and time becomes something that is more precious as each minute ticks away. 

9 thoughts on “Through The Eyes of a Parent

  1. It’s bittersweet . . . this week week are picking up my youngest son’s cap and gown. It seems like only a moment ago I was dropping my oldest off for his first day of school, now – I have these four amazing young adults in my life . . . always my babies though.


  2. So beautiful. It is odd how opposite our feelings about school becomes after we have children. My son is also about to going into 11th and what may be a happy day moment for him is a sad one for me. They sure grow up fast. Did we do that? In a child’s mind, years take forever.


  3. Still plenty to look forward to. It was strange when our children left home, but now we are into a new phase with grandchildren going through all of those stages I remember the children going through, but we get to see it and react to it with a different perspective. There are always things to look forward to!

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