A Little Drop of Rain


As a little girl, I remember singing The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow song over and over again. As an adult, I’ve come to realize that the sun will come out eventually but it may not be as soon as we would like it to be. We may face rainy day after rainy day that may last for weeks at a time. We may give up hope that the sun will ever shine again as our life seems darker and darker and we are drained of all hope. We cannot prevent the rainy times that will beat down on our lives. We cannot wish them away or hurry them up. We must listen to the storm and feel the rain until that glimmer of light shines through the cloud. It will be okay. We will be okay. It just takes time. And when the sun does come back out, it will be more beautiful than you ever remember. Life is a cycle of ebb and flow, ups and downs, good times and hard times but everything comes full circle in the end. For anyone having a tough time, you are not alone and this time will pass. Until then, dream of the sunshine as the cold rain falls gently on you. 


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