What If?


Have you ever thought of leaving everything behind and going someplace you’ve always wanted to live? I hear story after story of people who risk it all to find a new kind of happiness that follows a simpler kind of life.  The rat race, the kids constant sports schedule and horrendous work schedule prevent us from enjoying and celebrating the little things that we realize are so big near the end of our lives. We over schedule and commit ourselves to climb the corporate ladder that just leads to longer hours and a steeper hike. What if we let go of the need for a beautiful house, the desire to have more and just decided to live in our own version of paradise and let that be enough? Would it even be enough? Who knows, but I can’t help but wonder what if?


3 thoughts on “What If?

  1. What an interesting question. I left the uk 8 years ago, Sometimes Italy feels like a third world country where nothing functions properly and other times it is like living in heaven. Tonight I am stood in my garden cremating chicken on the barbecue whilst admiring the view of the vineyards, the downside is the mosquito are eating me alive

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  2. the only thing that keeps people from taking those steps is self confidence. if you knew in advance everything would take care of itself in time everyone would do it. Take the plunge, make the move, just have the determination and perseverance to follow through on it?


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