Recharging Your Battery


This past week I’ve been away getting a transformational makeover for my soul. There is something very healing about spending time outdoors in a beautiful place. When you combine a beautiful ocean, experience the freedom of a playful dolphin, watch a magnificent sunset and relax to the soothing sound of ocean waves, healing takes place. When you witness the fiery glow of an active volcano, you remember how amazing life really is. One day at a time, you wake up a little bit more until finally you are recharged. Like a simple cell phone, our battery also becomes drained. We need to find a way to recharge in between those stretches of life when we feel unplugged. There is beauty all around us but sometimes we are so distracted that our sight becomes limited. Get outside, visit someplace new and reconnect with the energy that makes you feel alive. Here are some highlights of our trip. Hope you enjoy them too. 


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