If Only…


Yesterday we went to a baseball game. While I was sitting next to my son I noticed how the color of his eyes complimented the shade of his hair. I noticed how dark his freckles had become in the recent sun. I studied his face until he looked at me awkwardly and said “what?” I was staring at him and it was clearly making him feel uncomfortable. This morning I wonder if he will remember my face. Once I am gone and my memory is all he has left, will he remember me? Will he close his eyes and see the details of my face? Will he remember it with clarity?

It saddens me that people don’t look at each other anymore. They spend so much time staring at the glow of a cell phone or the screen of a laptop that they don’t look at each other. Not the way we used to at least. The distractions and the constant buzzing and texting and beeping keep us from really connecting. We see the shadow but the details are fuzzy. I wonder if anyone ever imagined how each breakthrough in technology would break down the relationships that meant so much to us. I wonder if we ever imagined that someone would choose a tiny machine over our own company. I wonder if the world wil ever be the same. Play dates are replaced with FaceTime and talking hours on the phone is replaced with emojis and lol. If only we could rewind. If only hindsight really was 20/20. If only we could undo the damage already done. If only we looked at each other the way we used to. If only..

2 thoughts on “If Only…

  1. Very good points. Like you I wonder the same thing. I do not think we are better off interpersonally these days. A generation of kids is growing up with an inability to communicate face-to-face!

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