Taste The Love


The first few years I was married, my husband would taste something I made and tell me whether or not he could taste the love. Ironically enough, if I baked something with care and with the intention of making him happy, he could always taste the love. However, if I was rushed or not really in the mood to bake, he could tell me there was something missing. I woke up today remembering this. I can’t help but wonder if everything we do can be applied to this concept. It’s no secret we are constantly doing things for others. The question is, what is the intention behind what we do? Do we do things because we feel we have to or do we do something for someone simply to show them we love them? Think about this next time you do anything, including for yourself. Observe the intention and see how it effects the outcome. Check in on your attitude and adjust it if you need to. People can feel your vibe. You have a choice; you can pass on resentment or you can pass on love. Which will it be?


2 thoughts on “Taste The Love

  1. This is a very good observation and a very good recommendation. Unfortunately, we are often seduced to make commitments making us spend time and money on things we don’t love at all. E.g. spending time and money shopping for stuff we can live without because we got a coupon and the stuff is on sale, then spending time paying credit card bills and finding a space in the cluttered closet overflowing with stuff we wear once a year if ever at all. Or buying a house because mortgage companies and real estate agents tell you that it’s a great investment, then spending 1/3 of your paycheck on mortgage and 1/2 of your free time (left after working 40 hours a week to pay the mortgage and credit cards) on mowing lawns, cleaning gutters, fixing fences and other stuff around the house instead of having fun on weekend.


    • So true. I meant more doing little things that mean a lot to someone else and being motivated by the right reasons but you are so right. The everyday costs and keeping up with what you have tends to drain the life out of you until there’s nothing much left to give. I believe it’s about finding the perfect balance but that is the hardest task of all. Thanks so much for the input 🙂


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