The Hidden Message in a Dream


I remember my dreams almost every single night. I don’t have just one or two, I have several before the light of morning comes. Last night I dreamed of my grandmother. She was holding my hand and following me through a difficult path. We were climbing steep steps and standing on narrow railings. I remember looking at her and feeling amazed that at her age she was capable of something so strenuous and so difficult. As soon as I opened my eyes I remembered. The lesson is we can only do what we believe we can do. I can only imagine how many of my self generated limiting thoughts have held me back in the course of forty some years. I think back on the things I could never envision myself doing and guess what? I’ve never seemed to be able to do them. It is time to change my thoughts and remind myself that I am capable of so much more than I ever allowed myself to imagine. Change your dialogue. Start saying I can and I am capable and overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back. All things are possible if you just believe.


4 thoughts on “The Hidden Message in a Dream

  1. Kimberly, Great message, great post! The best graduation speech I ever heard I remembered the message! –One of my son’s college graduation. He said, “Don’t concentrate on your strengths to get ahead in life. Ask yourself what is your greatest weakness. Work on improving that & you will go far!” Go far, Kimberly! But I’m still in New Jersey! Did you ever hear the one about the man whose doctor told him to walk 5 miles a day? After 5 days he called his doctor & said, “I did what you said, Doc. I’m now 25 miles from home. What do I do now?” Phil

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