The Sad Truth About Blogging


The reality of taking a break from blogging is alarming to say the least. Sometimes it’s necessary to shut off from technology or worse yet your brain shuts off and the words no longer flow. You are stuck in a square that most know as writers block and it’s a tough place to be. I notice when I am blogging two or three times a day my stats are booming, at least according to WordPress but the amount of time and effort it takes to build my readers back up is exhausting. Do we really write for the readers? Probably not but each time your number of reads goes up, it’s motivation to write some more. Of course there are always those loyal followers that read my writing no matter what and I am very grateful for them. They are my rock and help me stay grounded on this journey of writing. 

What do you do to get motivated after a temporary writing break? How do you muddle your way through that dreaded period of writers block? I’m sure your suggestions would be appreciated by all.

11 thoughts on “The Sad Truth About Blogging

  1. I try to avoid writer’s block by scribbling ideas down all the time. I force myself to write at least once a week and sometimes I’ll be sat looking at a blank screen for a while before things come.

    Often, I’ll start writing one thing and something will come from that. A better idea or more topics to write about. I guess the key (for me at least) is to just write. Even if it’s rubbish.

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  2. Just keep writing, You don’t have to publish everything you write but I’ve found that when trying to get my writing flow back just sitting down for 5/10 miutes at a time and saying ‘okay, now I am going to write and JUST write, no stopping’ really helps. It can be about anything at all, even the sky but you have to just start somewhere and run with it.

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