Teenage Dream?


Teens. One minute they are laughing and joking and the next they are glaring and hissing at you. I’m not sure I will ever figure out the right way to interact with my teen. The moods, the comments, the eye rolling and flat out obstinance to do what I ask might just send me over the edge. It seems so logical to me. Do what teen wants and teen is happy but teen doesn’t get the whole do what mom wants so mom is happy. I have tried and tried so many techniques, I have read all kinds of parenting books but nothing ever seems to work. Sometimes I am seriously relieved when she locks herself in her room for an entire day. Other days, I love to be around her because she is full of fun. Oh and just when you think it’s safe, the pounding begins. The walls start to rattle as the music blares through the ceiling above me. Someday I might figure out this teen thing but it will probably be long after I don’t have a teen anymore. What is the best lesson you ever learned while raising a teen? I could use all the help I can get.


12 thoughts on “Teenage Dream?

  1. No advice. Just empathy.

    I have 4 boys. The oldest is 17. I don’t know why it takes 20 reminders every day to unload the dishwasher, but it does. And my wife wanted a girl so that she could have a child who would “understand her better”. Yeah, right. I’ve heard from many parents that teenage girls are a lot more trouble than teenage boys. She needs to read your post.

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  2. I think it’s a matter of being firm and communicating with them until they understand your expectations. Make the expectations you have of them clear AND explain to them why you have certain expectations. Sometimes just talking about what you want is not enough, you have to tell them why so they can think about it a little bit and understand you better.

    For example, you should tell her that eye-rolling at you, or any adult for that matter, is a no-no (if you find it rude) you have got to let her know that she has to respect what people say. Even if she does not agree with people or find what they say an understatement, she still can’t show that kind of attitude…

    I mean.. my point here is, to tell them why you expect certain behaviours. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know. Teens are still a long way from understanding life and how it’s supposed to be lived…

    Good luck! I hope you can make your relationship better =) just talk it out.

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  3. Teens (us included) /were/are possessed. Plain and simple. Particularly girls, in my experience. My husband and I used to remind each other that “less is more”. The less we react to their moods the better and safer! We were still strict when it came to respect but we would tell them that they could come to us once they calmed down. Somehow, we survive this wonderful stage but man is it tough!

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