Who Defines You?


What is life about? Who decides? Who determines the path you will walk and sets the standards of how you should walk it? There is one very obvious thing that sets me apart from other parents. Often, I see parents pushing and pushing for their kids to do sports. Not one sport but several sports. Not one day of sports but everyday. Today my daughter went to summer swim practice for the first time since it started back in May. I imagine some of the swimmers may be mortified that she dare take some time off. The coach even had a talk with her about how many practices a week she should attend. The reality is that swimming in the summer is optional. Years ago, sports were not year long. Athletes had adequate time to allow their bodies and their minds enough time to recuperate and come back to have another strong season. I know this for sure, anytime I do something over and over every single day, I lose the enjoyment out of it. Many times I become resentful I have to do that one thing and eventually start to dread it. The passion dies and I put in less and less effort until it becomes almost robotic. I admit, there was a time I had the dream for her to be the fastest, at least in fly. But that was my dream and not hers. She wanted to swim, be pretty good and still have fun. Now our goals have finally meshed someplace in the middle. I want her to be happy. I want her to feel a sense of passion for everything she decides to do. I want her to define her own life and live by her own standards and expectations and not by someone elses who doesn’t really give a damn. I want her to know her own limits and set her own boundaries and I never want to see her get bullied into a lifestyle that doesn’t feel like a comfortable fit. I’ve asked this before, when will good be good enough? Can we not be happy with who we are even if we aren’t the prettiest, the smartest, the fastest, the most talented? When do we stop thinking we are only worthy when we are number one? Out of all the people in the world, really, what are the odds I or anyone else could truly be the best at anything? Should I spend my life trying? Should I die trying? I guess we have all have to make that decision for ourselves.


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