Is Your Tank Empty?


You’ve heard the quote, “Be a Fountain, Not A Drain”. Today I am the fountain and I’m feeling drained. There is delicate balance between give and take. There is that one sweet spot where peace blows quietly through your hair and you feel the sunlight on your face. You recognize the place when you are there because it’s a comfortable fit when you haven’t been pulled too much in any one direction or the other. But, when you give a little too much, more than your share, you just feel completely exhausted. 

I spent the entire day at a nursing home with a patient and her family today. The more I volunteer, the more I want to help. It’s In my nature to fix the broken and heal the sick. Yes I am aware I do not have that kind of power but it doesn’t have to stop me from trying. It’s also exhausting. It’s one thing to put on a happy, supportive face but it’s another to try and remain detached. I don’t believe you can help if you are detached at all. The more you care, or at least I care, the more motivated I am to help. I sometimes think it’s a character flaw that I care too much. There are those unfortunate times when my tank gets empty. If it wasn’t for that warning signal that lights up on the dashboard I probably wouldn’t notice until my car was completely out of gas. Unfortunately, when it comes to giving and being human, there is no indicator that lets us know we’ve given too much. I need to remember to take care of myself first so that I don’t run out of energy when I need it most. So, that is my message today. Put on your own oxygen mask first and then help put on the masks of the people around you. Don’t let your tank get too low and if it does, stop whatever you’re doing and fill it back up. One thing I know for sure, you are no good to anyone if you don’t take care of yourself. Don’t try and be hero. Leave that for comic books. Just do your share the best you can and don’t forget to take care of yourself along the way. 


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