Sometimes I get really mad. I want to move past it and work through it but I find myself stuck in a self-defeating, negative emotion. I allow my mind chatter to convince me that others are out to get me for the sole purpose of making my life miserable. How can I shut off the voices, the feelings and mostly the emotions that come along with feeling angry? I know I jump immediately into combat zone, protect myself at all costs mode. It’s not a place I like to be. It feels awful there and I try my best to work myself out of it. Sometimes it comes down to choosing forgiveness. It’s not always easy. How can we double cross ourselves by giving in and accepting that the people we love don’t meet up to our standards? How do we then forgive ourselves for having such unrealistic expectations in the first place? I think it’s important to remember that you’re just not that important. You are not the only thing on someone’s mind and they have better things to do than plot against you. You have to take the big out of me and remember you are just a small part of someone else’s thoughts and someone else’s world. You have to find a way to shrink down enough so everything comes back into perspective and the anger finally dissipates all on its own. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Sometimes it’s not others that are picking a fight but rather its our own mind. Sometimes, if we are smart, we let it go, we move on and we never look back.

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