What If Today Was It?


Dream Big, Dream Often

I try not to play hypothetical games, but I could not resist this article.  What if today was your last day?  What would you spend your energy doing?  Worrying?  Complaining?  Commiserating?  Or loving?  Hugging?  Holding?  Caring?  Live everyday like it is the last.


image credit: gettoitfitness.com image credit: gettoitfitness.com

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2 thoughts on “What If Today Was It?

  1. I had a very interesting discussion on this very topic on TED a while ago. I have summarized the 2 things people mentioned most frequently:

    1. At the end, we focus on what matters most for us, and for most people it’s the people we love – most people would spend time with family, friends, write letters, etc.

    2. It should not matter whether we live the last day of our life or not. Perhaps, we should just do what we do any other day, like having a cup of nice tea, and enjoy the moment.


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