One Dance Around The Sun


A fellow blogger posed a great question today. If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today? What if today really WAS your last day? What if you knew and you had the power to spend it any way you like? What would you do? I can tell you this, the more days I am fortunate to live, the less tolerance I have for arguing, insulting, offending, berating. I have less tolerance for sarcasm, demeaning and bad attitudes. I have less time for complaining and blaming and negativity. 

I’ve spent many years removing myself from people who are toxic. I have no desire to be around people with the type of energy that elicits a response from me that does not come from a place of love. So what exactly does this have to do with how I’d spend my last day? I would compliment everyone I see so my last words to them would be words of love. I would point out everything about them that is good to erase the world constantly telling them they aren’t good enough. I would want it to be a day I could look deeply into the faces of the people I love. I would spend some time writing letters to each of my kids so they would have a piece of me there to always hold in their hands. I would spend the day in a place that is so beautiful it takes my breath away. I would watch the sun come up and I would watch the beautiful array of colors as it sets at night. I would cry for the faces I would miss and for the hands I didn’t spend enough time to hold. I would surround myself with people who exude peace and love because that is the last thing I would want to feel before I close my eyes for the last time. I would make a plea to the world to be nicer, kinder. I would soak in the way the sun feels on my face and feel my hair blow in the wind. I would listen to the sound of the leaves rustle on my favorite tree. I would sit in quiet surrounded by the circle of people I love and I would smile one last time because my life has been so darn good. I would smile again because I know I only get one dance around the sun and boy did I nail every step. What about you? How would you spend the last day of your life if you were able to choose?


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