You Write It Wenesday


I love Wednesday because it gives me a chance to learn more about my fellow bloggers. Question of the day? Are you a ring leader of a circus performer? In simpler term, do you generally make the plan or follow someone else’s?

I have known several people who just cannot make a decision and others who can make one without ever thinking twice about it. Which one are you or are you a little bit of both?


7 thoughts on “You Write It Wenesday

  1. When I was married and the children were growing up, no problem making decisions; on committees no problem there too if it was for a good cause; and at work, I was quite active on committees trying to work towards a decision with my team. As I get older, I find it is not a priority at work…often I am asked to sit on a committee but they want my expertise moreso…so my saying (which they chuckle at) is Use and Abuse me…they can pick my brain but I rarely decide at work…UNLESS of course it infringes on the rights of youths we are serving…well, then I return to MAMA BEAR of course:)

    In my personal life (gee I am writing a whole life story now here!) I tend to procrastinate so much that the choices are limited. I know, bad but hey, for now it works for me. Have a great Wednesday, kiddo!

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