You Want To Fight With Me?


We love a good fight. It’s in our blood and flies out our mouth. We have forgotten how to politely debate issues where obvious conflict is dividing us a little more every single day. People are passionate, I get it but they are also accusatory, rude bullies when it comes to making a point. I used to be a fighter myself until I found myself arguing with family members over politics and ridiculous issues that will never be embraced by an entire nation. We have got to find a way to respectfully disagree and not fight to the death until we prove who is right and who is wrong. Who’s to say who’s right anyway? Doesn’t that also come down to an opinion in itself? Opinions are not facts. They cannot be right or wrong, they just explain why a person feels the way they do about something period. If I think I’m right, I just walk away from a conversation knowing I’m right. There is no need to continue to argue about it because 9 times out of 10, you will never get the other person to change his mind. And, if you are right, you should have the confidence to walk away instead of proving your right. Please, when you speak to anybody, everybody, do so with respect. We are more than our opinions, our political party, sexual orientation, skin color and religious affiliation. We are all human beings who breathe the same air and bleed the same blood. Stop petty arguing for the sake of humanity.


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