It Was Like World War 4


Do you ever do something without thinking it through to the very end? My kids showed me a video of this new contraption that fills 40 water balloons at once. I should have seen something terrible coming if they were coming to me together as a unified team.  “It will be so fun,” they said. “Let’s go buy it,” I said. Before I even realized what was happening, there were hands everywhere grabbing at the small balloons lying on the ground.  It was like World War 4 breaking out with ballon bombs flying at me from every direction. One hit my leg and then my back. Some flew by me and landed in the pool. If you’ve forgotten,  this is your reminder that it’s good to have fun. It’s good to laugh and play and embrace the inner child who has been acting like a serious adult for way too long. When is the last time you did something fun?


7 thoughts on “It Was Like World War 4

  1. We don’t do it enough, I admit! I used to act silly with the kids even when they were teens and in their twenties. by then they were embarassed…haha. At work we act silly often among colleagues as a therapy to get through some difficult shifts sometimes. What I miss most is playing in the sand and swinging on the swings:)

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