One Nation Divided Under God. Wait, Can I Say That Anymore?


The way I see it, people love to be divided. They say they want to be one unified nation cradled in the arms of equality but the truth is we are not big enough to break out of our own skin. We are too human and too greedy and too selfish to rise above the tidal wave that continues to slam and rip apart the very country we live in. We don’t really want to get along, we want to be right, we want to be even, we want to be special above all others. When we keep bringing the past into today, we also push it smack into the middle of our future. Sometimes I wish all memory could be erased and we could start over without carting along deep seated grudges, prejudices, anger, hatred, resentment. I’m sure you get the point. My heart hurts when I watch people use words that ignite the flame, you know the flame, the one that grows into an inferno charring the spirits of the ones who are weak and foolish enough to listen. I dream of a place without guilt and anger and vengeance but that place only exists in my mind. What do you think? Will there ever be enough love, forgiveness and letting go to finally create a better world than the one our ancestors created in the past? Will we ever move on? Will we ever REALLY want to? Will we ever REALLY learn how to escape the chains that bind us, especially the emotional ones that tie us to the same fate in a different form? I just don’t think it will happen in my lifetime and that just makes me sad. What do you think?


12 thoughts on “One Nation Divided Under God. Wait, Can I Say That Anymore?

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