5 Types of People To Stay Away From


1) People Who Worry Excessively

You know the type…doom and gloom. They get themselves worked up over things that may or may not ever happen. They are a black cloud even  when there is nothing but bright sun.  They are obsessed with worrying and every conversation is consumed with the things they are worried about. These people can leave you feeling drained and darken your spirit.

2) Negative People

These people are like a flat tire. They can turn anything nice into something awful just by opening their mouth and speaking a few words. Their attitude is contagious and spending time around them will leave you feeling deflated. 

3) Angry People

If you don’t want to feel like you’re being attacked and walking on egg shells, stay far away from these people. No matter what goes wrong in their life, somebody else is to blame. Don’t let that somebody be you. These people can crack your spirit in a matter of seconds. Avoid them at all costs. 

4) Smart Asses

I’m not talking about donkeys either. You know the ones who condescend followed by a chuckle. They use their words to jokingly insult and demean. Don’t give them an opportunity to make you the joke. Give yourself a kick in the right direction and gallop away.

5) Know It Alls 

I’m not sure anything is worse than someone who thinks they know it all. This person interrupts and corrects every single thing you say. There comes a time you won’t wish to have a conversation at all. Remind yourself, it’s better to be kind than right and leave them to correct someone else. No one needs a cocky friend who thinks they know more than everyone else. In fact, their constant knowledge belongs in a book, not in your ears. Walk away.

Do you know any of these people in your own life? Are you one of them? Can you think of any other types to add to the list?


6 thoughts on “5 Types of People To Stay Away From

  1. I am particularly eager to stay clear of angry people, having suffered greatly from some like that. I think the hardest thing is to acknowledge when folks are working their way out of these terrible traits, to love them through the change. I find that hard, too.

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