What Is So Great About Bloggers?


Why are bloggers so great? If I had to pick one reason, it would be that they have a way of giving the gentlest friendliest kick in the butt when you need it most. Not the kind of kick that knocks you down but rather the kind of kick that moves you forward. Sometimes, it is their kind words that open your own eyes to a perspective you were unable to get to on your own. This is my way of saying a great big thank you to everyone that shows compassion, offers words of advice and encouragement and to anyone that takes the time to read my posts. 

I was sitting out back earlier tonight in awe of the beautiful sunset happening right there before my eyes. I chuckled to myself as I remembered there are reminders and lessons all around us if we are paying enough attention. I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s a coincidence that our day begins with a sunrise and ends with a sunset. No matter how ugly our day can seem and regardless of whether it was good or bad, it begins and ends with something amazingly calm and beautiful. It is a gentle nudge to remember not to focus so much on the little details of the day but to find the beauty in the bigger picture. We all have beautiful gifts in our lives. Sometimes we get caught up in our insecurities and sink into our disappointments and we just lose sight of all that is good. You can only see what you look for so remember to look for the good. Find the beautiful in yourself and your own life and learn to be gentle and kind. Give yourself a break and know it’s okay to make mistakes and be a little less that perfect sometimes. Make a mental list of all that is good and throw that other list away. You are strong, you are special and you are absolutely perfect just the way you are. Don’t hold yourself to a standard that would be impossible for anyone to achieve. Know you do your best and be okay with whatever that is. You are not meant to beat yourself up. You are meant to love yourself. 

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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