Death of A Salesman


Yesterday, I took my daughter car shopping for the first time. She has always been naive when it comes to someone’s genuine intentions and taking someone at their word. I’m guessing yesterday she finally learned. One of my biggest disappointments when it comes to another human being is when there is a lack of trust and continuous lying. Boy did we ever get a terrific example on our adventures with salesman last night. There was one in particular that really took it too far. We were actually seriously discussing driving home in a new Jetta that was never even on the lot to begin with. Of course we wouldn’t know that because the salesman told us we were test driving the particular car he led us to believe was the exactt model for the exact price we discussed. All lies. I can tell you this, as a paying customer who puts a lot of time, care and effort in making the decision to commit to a car, once I lose faith and trust in someone, regardless of how much I want something, including a car, I am done. I am walking out and you are not making commission on me. I hope my daughter learned something important about people yesterday. And I hope that young man a learned a lesson or two himself. Honesty and respect are two very important factors when it comes to the success of any relationship. When these aren’t present, no deal, walk.

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