My Opinion Is…


Have you ever noticed that some people hand out opinions like they were getting paid to do it? The bottom line is sometimes I don’t want an opinion. I don’t always want to know what you think about everything. Sometimes, in fact most times, I just want you to listen and not say a word. I don’t want advice or judgement. I just want to know you are there so I can bounce a few things off of you. I can figure things out for myself but occasionally I have to put my thoughts into words so I can clear my head. What about you? What kind of listener are you? Do you have the ability to listen without putting in your two cents? Here’s an idea that could benefit everyone involved. Ask someone what they need from you. Ask them a simple question like, do you just need me to listen or would you like me to give you some advice? Don’t assume you already know. 


3 thoughts on “My Opinion Is…

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