Which Would You Choose?


It’s better to be kind than to be right                    Anne Lamott

There are some who take advantage of the whole freedom of speech concept. There are a few who believe it is their right and obligation to speak every thought in their head out loud. There was a time when what was “right” seemed clear cut. A time when there was less gray and more black and white. Now the lines of right are blurred by individual beliefs and opinions. Sometimes I really believe it is in someone’s nature to fight. Fighting with words is no exception. Other times, it seems like a need for people to wait for the point in a conversation where you give them an opportunity to make a correction. Why can’t we just listen? Why do we feel the need to jump in with our words while someone is just trying to make conversation? 

I know for myself, sometimes I want to jump on the “I’m Right” train or even worse, the “I know more than you train” but at the end of the day, in retrospect, I can’t help but ask myself, was it really worth it? Couldn’t I have found a way to keep my mouth closed and not go to that place that causes me or someone else to feel uncomfortable? Isn’t it better sometimes to choose silence and just be kind instead of feeling the need to prove my point? MY point. That sums it up. If I already know it, why push it onto someone else? Choosing when to speak and when not to is a very important factor in getting along. Unfortunately, the desire to be right for some far exceeds the getting along part.  

This was day 3 of the 3 day quote challenge. If you would like to participate, I informally nominate you. What quotes inspire you may just inspire someone else. Why not give it a try? Thank you to https://fallinginlovewithfreedom.wordpress.com/ for nominating me to take part. The rules are simple. Post one quote a day for three days and nominate three other bloggers to take the challenge. Don’t forget to acknowledge the blogger who nominated you. I hope you choose to take part.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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