A Ticket To Hell


I am just plain disgusted right now. There is this area called Campus Corner with shops and restaurants. It’s always been a joke with my friends that everytime I seem to go down there, I get a ticket. Four of us can all drive and park there, all with expired meters, but only I would get a ticket. Eventually, I would get up in the middle of eating and sprint to the meter to make sure it didn’t run over. Can you imagine my so called friends sitting their hysterical watching me dart down the road to my car? You could only put in for a certain amount of time so I didn’t have the option of covering my ass to avoid the panic. Lucky for me, my favorite saying is, when you know better , you do better so I haven’t gotten a ticket for that in two years. A few months ago however, I parked there again only to find that disgusting pink envelope waiting for me on the windshield. Ready for this one? My back, right tire was slightly over the white line. Are you kidding me? Who gets a ticket for that? Now, I have to take anxiety meds before I go down there because it brings on a full blown panic attack. Just kidding about the medication part but I do have the panic attack. Today, I parked there again. As I was walking away, I noticed I wasn’t perfectly balanced between the two lines so I got back in my car to perform the best parking job of my entire life. I was feeling pretty.proud. I made my friend leave half her lunch because I was bound and determined to never get another ticket again. We were getting back on time no matter what. What was pink and waiting on my windshield when I arrived? Here’s a hint: it wasn’t a dozen pink roses! A $50 dollar ticket for expired tags. I couldn’t believe it. I sat there staring at it in total disbelief. Couldn’t they for once give me the benefit of the doubt? Couldn’t they give a warning because I’m human and I really didn’t realize the tags were expired? Warning rant coming so you may want to stop reading here! I watch cops doing things on videos that literally make me sick. They are protected and can do whatever they damn please without consequence. Even killing innocent people. Am I mad? You bet I’m mad. A nice day turned into a miserable day and I seriously never want to go down there again…EVER. Rant over. I just needed a place to vent. If you want to make a contribution to help with the ticket, I am accepting donations.


16 thoughts on “A Ticket To Hell

  1. Oh wow – I know this is not funny to you, but … They must have a camera with a little man who sits in a booth with a small desk looking for you to arrive. Maybe there are a series of cameras that track you with a GPS devise which has been placed under your car without your knowledge. As you approach; the alarm sounds and the entire downtown parking platoon goes into high alert!! You a cannot get mad, your have no defense against such a force!! It’s like 1984 !! Population mind control

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  2. Human Interest

    That is absolutely ridiculous! Are you allowed to appeal any of these absurd citations? If so, why haven’t you done that instead of paying?


  3. I haven’t paid yet, just stormed around like an irate child. Sure we can fight it but obviously we are in the wrong. I do believe because they search out cars to ticket, businesses will lose out because it’s getting pretty pathetic.


  4. I did not read the other comments but sometimes you can complain to the development or management company. I would recommend this as you may not be the only customer being harassed and the shopping development 100% does not want to lose customers. I know from my experience in retail we asked the police to monitor our lot but don’t harass our customers. I was a manager and had this conversation often with the police department.

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