Who ARE You?


What are we becoming?

Have you seen the news?

Finger pointing, name calling, political abuse

Can’t say this, we’re taking down that

No Ten Commandments Statue, no confederate flag

When will we be satisfied?

When there is nothing left? 

Perhaps we should be robots

Programmed, emotionally dead

We make enemies of people we just don’t like

If they don’t think the same, they’re just not right

Drag them through the mud, humiliate on the news

We will teach those folks a lesson, our mission’s not a ruse

Join us or we’ll beat you down, 

We will do what it takes, so you look like a clown

The hate, the contempt are killing us now

As we fight for our selfish whims

We won’t bow down

Freedom for who?

Me or you?

So sad we live in a time we still have to choose

Politics, religion, so much war

Is breaking down our spirit worth fighting for?

Please tell me that this will not last

That love, kindness and freedom are not a thing of the past

The next time you speak, let kindness come out

Or do us all a favor and just shut your mouth

It’s not too late but we’re on the wrong path

Please help we find a way to bring humanity back


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