I Quit


If you don’t want to play in the game, take yourself out of it.

There was a time I was over scheduled and overwhelmed. I was trying to keep up with other moms and their obsession with their kids being in every sport. I ran from one side of town to the other, from this practice to the next. I even got up ridiculously early to make morning swim practice 35 minutes away. I was exhausted, the kids were exhausted, all of us completely drained. I was sitting at my sons last football game of the season when the biggest kid on the other team fell on top of him. We spent the rest of the night waiting for X-rays in emergency room. The truth is my son hated football. He was much smaller than other kids his age and he had a real fear of being tackled. But, I needed to socialize with the other moms. I asked myself some hard questions like, is this really fair to the kids? Do you really enjoy racing around like a maniac? Is it fair to force kids to participate in sports against their will? The answer was clear and that’s when I thought up that silly quote of mine. What it means is, if you think running is miserable, drop out of the race. We eliminated the sports the kids didn’t really like and finally found a balance between sports, home and school. It was hard at first but it didn’t take long to embrace this new lifestyle we all so desperately needed. I’m not the type of mom who will ever force kids to do sports. In fact, I don’t think they are very important at all. My son is happy at home and I don’t have to hear him complain like every night he had practice. He plays one sport that lasts a couple weeks and guess what, that’s okay. My daughter is taking the summer off from swim team too and I have to be okay with that. It has to be their dream, something they want to do and if not, I support them all the way. 

I have dropped out of many “games” since then. I stopped hanging around with the crowd whose life revolves around sports. I’ve stopped trying to compete with my friends over my kids grades. I’ve dropped out of the rushing and having everyday jam packed with a list of places to be every second of every day. I’m out. Game over.

Life is much too short to waste time and thought on things that don’t really matter. Another favorite quote of mine is, at the end of your life, will this really matter? The answer is usually no. Love the life you are comfortable with, even if it means you live alone. Do what feels good to your soul and don’t give a second thought to what anyone else thinks. 


2 thoughts on “I Quit

  1. You made the right decision. I also was faced with this when the kids were younger when I saw they didn’t really like to play (or watch) sports. The boys ended up playing in the school band for a few years and I think that turned out much better.

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    • I do believe I did make the right decision. Kids are so different. Their interests will be too. I just wish everything wasn’t year round. I miss the days of getting together with neighborhood friends to play kickball or whiffle ball. There was a time we did those things to have fun. Things have changed.

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