The Meaning of Life


I know people who look all their lives searching for meaning. They wait and wonder what their purpose is or if they even have one at all. Why are we here? What is the point?

The more I step away from the mainstream of thought, the more I believe that we are here to love and be loved. Could that be our mission? Maybe it’s simpler than we make it out to be but we get tangled up in complicating it into something more. Maybe we are here to be happy and to learn to appreciate the little things that are all around us. Maybe we are here to experience amazing things and not get caught up in the things that will never matter. The amazing thing is life does not define us. We get to decide what life means to us and how we choose to live it. We are not a character in the book of life, we are the authors of our own lives and we get to write the story. The freedom and the hope in knowing that life is not happening to us allows us the courage and motivation to choose the life we really want to live.

Your life is a book. Open it up and write your story. Write about hope and love and adventure. Be who you want to be and fill it with the things you love. Make it amazing. It’s the most important thing you will ever do.


18 thoughts on “The Meaning of Life

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