The Mirror


Have you ever looked at your face in a magnifying mirror? You see imperfections that would not be visible to the human eye. We do that you know? We put people there in front of it and we look for every flaw. We notice their words, the way they look and even the way they act. We forget how vulnerable we are when it is us who is standing there facing the things we would rather not acknowledge.You only see what you look for. Give people a break. Don’t over analyze or criticize their words. Don’t judge their actions. Remember how you feel standing in front of that mirror. Why would you want to do that to anybody else? 


12 thoughts on “The Mirror

  1. I agree. I get judged everyday even if people don’t say it to my face. I have scars on my arms due to self-harm. I see how people stare. I be the first to admit, I judge others but I make a conscience effort to judge because I don’t like to be judged.

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  2. Great topic to talk about! Very complicated as well! ….. It is important to realize that what we see in the mirror of ourself, is most certainly not what other people see. [Emphasis added]
    This hold true universally throughout human “judgement/projections”
    This is so complex, I’m not even sure how to respond to it…. but, ill try my best.
    Judging people based on inaccurate or false presumptions based upon YOUR observation —- is not fair if it it is influenced by any bias or previous experience (WHICH IS MOST LIKLEY THE CASE).
    We tend to judge and REFERENCE our perception of people based on passed experiences. Now that might not be always a bad thing, but, can usually lead to an unfair judgment…

    more on this later lol

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