Counting The Days


When is the last time you had something to look forward to? I don’t mean like dinner with friends or a relaxing pedicure, I mean something to really be excited about? Travel is that thing for me. There is nothing better for my own soul than exploring a place I have never been to before. In two days it is happening and I cannot wait. My husband and I will be traveling to Punta Mita, Mexico for an adventurous mini vacation. We will be paddle boarding through caves, zip lining, repelling, drinking frozen concoctions and of course soaking in the scenery on the beautiful beach. I can’t wait! Tell me the last time you felt really excited about something. What was it?


5 thoughts on “Counting The Days

  1. The trip sounds like it’ll be amazing! Been job searching, and life has been a bit dull lately. My friend talked about driving to Yellowstone (from Los Angeles). I’ve been to Yellowstone recently, but been really meaning to check out Glacier National Park. So we’re doing the two soon! Training to get into shape for the outdoor adventures and it’s really making the days better. Be careful with the ice in Mexico. If it’s bad water, you can get really sick!

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  2. The trip sounds really amazing. Have fun 🙂 Well, travel is the thing for me too. The time I went to Darjeeling, West Bengal, India was the most exciting time for me I would say. Looking forward to more such trips.


  3. Wish I was going now. I really want to start travelling not just going on holidays where I spent two weeks by a pool. The last time I was that excited was last year when I went to see Fall Out Boy in concert, they are my favourite band and I couldn’t believe I would get to see them perform live.

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