Pushing Someone’s Buttons


We all have a set of particular subjects that set us off. It doesn’t matter why, the fact is, certain topics just get under our skin. I’ve  noticed lately that some people seem to enjoy pushing someone else’s buttons. It’s one thing if something is said innocently that ticks someone off but I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would do something like that on purpose, knowing it will undoubtedly illicit a negative response. This includes continuously making points of comments about someone else in either direction. People should not feel they have the right to taunt someone else or shove their personal beliefs down someone else’s throat. Say your piece, make your point and then move the hell along. 

I first heard about the practice of ahimsa in yoga a few years back. Simply stated, it means, do no harm. The harm part can be represented by ill thoughts, words, actions or physical abuse. Do no harm with your words seems almost like a given to me but yet, when I look around me, words are used to purposely injure people every single day. You would think we could at least get that one, that seems so basic, right. Ahimsa. Non-injury to self or any other living thing. What a beautiful concept don’t you think? How different do you think the world could be if we all practiced and strived for such a lovely thing? What are your thoughts?


9 thoughts on “Pushing Someone’s Buttons

  1. Riley Reed

    It is a nice idea, one I wish more would put into practice. I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of negativity throughout my life and I for one would not treat anyone the way I’ve been treated. I wish more people treated others as equals.

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  2. I live with someone who basically goes and goes at me until I finally break. This will last days and days (if I don’t react at all). I have no idea why he does it, and I love the concept of Ahimsa. I have also found that my yoga practice is a help with not allowing any reaction to his “pushing my buttons”, however, it’s a struggle every day.

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