Focus on Today


If there is one thing that really makes me crazy, it’s this. How many times have you spent time with people who are so focused on tomorrow or what might happen in the future that they miss the moments they have right there and then? Why even consider or think about what might be tomorrow when you will discover the answers for yourself in a few short hours? Be in the moment. Give it your full attention and make it count. How many minutes of your life have you lost living in yesterday or worrying about tomorrow? We do not ever get a single moment back. When will we start to respect and cherish the time we have today moment by moment? We are meant to live and enjoy and experience. Don’t miss out on today because your mind is pulling you toward tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Focus on Today

  1. I like what you are pointing out here. There are some things we as adults must worry about tomorrow, such as work, appointments and if you have a child, what your child’s activities are for the next day. I liked the fact that you are encouraging others to not worry about the what if’s.


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