The Joy of a Child


I am away again visiting with family. I have teenagers now and every stage of life is very different from the last. Teenagers don’t smile much. They are trying so hard to act like an adult and somewhere between the age of 2 and 16, they become so darn serious.  My nephew is almost 2. I watched him yesterday at the waterpark. He loves the water. He loves it in is eyes and dumping on his head. He loves to splash it with his feet and run in and out of it. I noticed his face. He was enthralled and having so much fun. I sat there smiling while I watched hime play trying to remember the last time I had THAT much fun. When is the last time I laughed that hard or smiled that big? It is a gift to catch a glimpse of life through the eyes of a child. Time and years and grown children tend to make us forget how important it is to play and be so in the moment that we could not possibly enjoy it any more than we already are. We have to stop being so serious, so adult. We have to allow ourselves to be completely amazed by something and give ourselves the opportunity to be completely immersed in the simple act of laughter and fun. Be like a child. Play. Be happy like a child or at least take the time to watch a child play. Maybe you will remember how good it feels to be in their tiny world that is so much bigger than the one we have created for ourselves, not to mention, simpler. We think children can learn from us but I am starting to believe that what we can learn from them is  truly priceless. What do you think?


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