Let’s Debate This


I promise this post will not be political but I do need to get something off my chest about the debate last night. As I watched the response of the people on Twitter and Facebook, my heart sank. This was a serious introduction to someone who very well might be our next president. I am starting to think that there are a growing number of Americans who come off as being too immature to actually vote. It was disheartening to watch the words appear with person after person mocking the physical appearance of candidates. Their personal insults, finger pointing and flaw broadcasting were enough to make me feel a little ill. Imagine if the people took this serious enough to stop acting like school yard children and listen enough to identity with anyone’s character. Imagine if people went into this looking to find something positive about the people on stage. Maybe if we talked about who is the most respectable, who commands the stage in a way that exudes leadership and makes America look intelligent, level headed, responsible, poised, then maybe we would actually elect a president who has what it takes to take this country to the next level. How could we possibly choose someone like that when the people voting are name calling, knocking, demeaning, ridiculing and mocking someone who may be the next leader of our country? How do we trust people who lack self control and class to choose a classy, admirable president to serve our people? I am saddened and distraught about the enthusiasm to rip people apart on a daily basis. The comments about the commentators fake tan and cheesy hair extensions dominated a large part of the conversation. Seriously, who do we think we are, what kind of pompous, cruel, immature culture have we become that instead of listening about real issues, we spend time poking fun and purposely humiliating fellow human beings?

I am not a perfect person but I have lived long enough to know that most people deserve our respect. I have learned that the world does more than its share of knocking people down and it is our responsibility to lift people up. I have learned to treat people with respect to counteract the lack of respect I continue to see. I look for the positive because there is way too much negativity in the world. I educate myself the best I can to battle all the stupidity and foolish behavior that is more contagious than the common cold. We are idolizing the wrong people. We are following the wrong behavior. We are striving to be the wrong kind of people. We find dehumanizing admirable and entertaining. We cheer for the bully’s instead of protecting the victims. We accept lying and corrupt behavior from the people who are supposed to be our leaders. We admire leaders who are pompous and arrogant and we make fun of the ones who speak respectfully and kindly. We are giving the worst qualities our most valuable support and attention. 

I wonder if the people who spent two hours knocking the candidates will ever wonder how small they are? Do they even care? I do because I think it’s time for Americans to show a little seriousness, respect, and most importantly a lot more class. How can we trust these people to elect someone who possesses all of the qualities to lead this country and to be an example to others if the people voting do not identify with these qualities as well? I must say I am embarrassed frequently by people’s behavior these days. It’s no wonder this world is heading down the path it is on. That is not to say I think I’m better. I just try my best to act better and to be the change I am desperate to see in this collapsing world. Being disrespectful, having disgraceful behavior, speaking without filters, and bullying are becoming increasingly popular as time goes on. We need to get our act together and stop idolizing poor behavior. That’s just my two cents. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?


3 thoughts on “Let’s Debate This

  1. Well said, Kim. I think we do idolize the wrong people and expect too little of our elected officials. I am just waiting for them to follow the same rules as the rest of them. Hey, out here, an elected board gave 2 jobs to illegal immigrants. Not to say they aren’t qualified and haven’t been here a while but there is that word illegal. it is a long way to go til next Nov. so hopefully by then issues and answers will matter more than the rest of it.

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