Whose Voice Do You Listen To Most?


I think it was right around the time I turned 40 that I heard my voice for the first time. For years, I was making decision after decision based on what others thought would be best for me. I was motivated by pleasing the people who loved me which also meant I was motivated by fear. What if I let someone down? What if something I choose to make me happy undoubtedly disappoints and hurts the people around me? For years, I thought I was listening to my own voice but to be honest, back then I wouldn’t even have recognized it. Freedom comes when you are free from the opinion of others. Freedom comes from following your own path and choosing the life you ultimately want to live. Happiness comes from knowing that you own the decisions you make and never feel the need to apologize. The truth is, there is only one person you are responsible to make happy and that is yourself. Once you learn to do that, anything is possible. 

16 thoughts on “Whose Voice Do You Listen To Most?

  1. FJ

    short and direct. i will rate it as a class of piece. i am 26, went through a roller coaster of events and realized the same thing again and again – that only you and you will and have to bear the circumstances of your decisions so take them wisely.

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  2. I love this!!! This has been my way of thinking for years… The birth of my baby girl was a big turning point for me but the day of her diagnosis is really the day I made a conscious decision about being happy and listening to “my” voice and making “my” decisions.

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