One simple thing that aggravates me every single day is auto correct. I often wonder how many times I can mis-type the same word over and over. The word quote is one of them. Usually it takes me four tries to come out with a word that doesn’t look like this, wuote. Why doesn’t auto correct fix that one? What gives it the right to pick and choose? I do believe auto correct is a selective service. It waits until you are absolutely as frustrated as you can possibly be and it turns the word chicken cordon bleu into chicken cordon blue. It waits there, hiding in the shadows, quietly laughing as you look dumber and debt(see!) . I swear I typed dumber and dumber but still it pokes fun as it changes my words. And seriously, can you honestly tell me it cannot separate a few words typed together as one? It can not separate and figure out that gonetothestore is gone to the store? How can something be so smart and yet so stupid at the same time? Who invented this anyway? Some sicko thathasnothingbetterto do than humiliate and embarrass and frustrate someone who never even asked for this helpful service in the first place? Indonesia! Translation! I’m done! WTH? Hachamovitch! By the way, that is name of the guy who came up with this genius idea. Amazing that autocorrect has no trouble not changing a crazy word like that! God ochre! I mean gofigure. Go framing figure! Oh forget it!


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