Don’t Like It, Then Change It


I had a conversation with my 13 year old today that really has me really disturbed. He asked me why we were going to school this evening. I told him it was to find out where his classes are and to meet his teachers. The first question he asked was if he didn’t like one, could he switch to a different class. I guess what bothers me is I would never think to ask that question ever. Even if I did, I’m sure my mother would just laugh at me and tell me to suck it up. What kids need to understand today is that life will not always be the way they want it to be. They will have to work for and with people they may not like. They will have to do work they may not like. They will have to stay in a class with a teacher they do not like. They will have responsibilities that no one likes but they will just have to find a way to get through it. I don’t blame the kids at all. We live in a society where we try and accommodate every need, every person. It just can’t work.  We are replacing the word want with the word need and the two are getting confused. We have taught kids that everything should be comfortable and pleasing and to their liking and if something is uncomfortable for them then by golly let’s change it. I’ve also written about my take on the school policy of handing work in whenever you feel like it. Don’t feel like doing the work that’s due tomorrow, do it another night and just hand it in whenever you’re done. I’m not sure if we are stepping away enough from our actions to see what we are doing. What are we actually teaching these kids and what kind of message are we actually sending? It’s just something that was on my mind so I figured I would share. What are your thoughts?


9 thoughts on “Don’t Like It, Then Change It

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I have always thought that we are creating a culture where children feel entitled, that we celebrate lack of achievement, embrace being “average” and are shown (through social media) that we do not have to be held accountable for our actions. It is a dangerous path for parents to navigate, especially when you want to raise independent and motivated kids.

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  2. On my post today the very subject of school beginning was posted. ( entitled Happy Monday. As one week from today school session starts. So my job is to get them ready for it! They had as they usually do a very active summer. I can certainly understand that question bothering you! Mine are not allowed on any social media period! They do as I say and their Father -Period. When my 10 year old wanted a iPhone 6 for her birthday I thought are you kidding me? Absolutely not! She then went to talk with her Daddy (fine by me) he explained that because someone in her school has one does not mean she should have one. End of subject. None of mine have ever said to me they dislike their educators. Cause my answer would be tough beans, LOL although as they get older who knows what they might try to get away with? They all are driven to school by myself. my Mother or Father or Husband or a combination then picked up after school. I watch them like a hawk that is also my job! Parenting 5 children has its challenging at times on my end. As with most parents.

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