Do You See Yourself As Broken?


I’ve been seeing many people post a reference to being broken lately. I can’t help but ask myself, what does being broken actually mean? What is the difference between someone who is broken and someone who is not?

 If I had to make a guess, being broken means having hardships, a less than perfect life. It’s someone who is or has been damaged emotionally, mentally, physically. An arm can be broken and so can a heart. A spirit can be broken as well as hope. So many things have the potential to break. So many people have potential to break us. 

So broken or unbroken, who decides? I think “broken people” talk about their pain and use it as a catalyst to make themselves better and stronger. Unbroken people don’t admit to being broken. They spend their entire lives trying to hide it from the rest of the world. We all have a story. We’ve all been hurt by someone, something. We’ve all felt pain. Our hope has been shattered, our knees weak. But admitting we are broken, letting our pain define us, is a blessing in disguise. We cannot fix what we won’t acknowledge. We cannot heal what we pretend not to feel.  

We are a human dart board and everyone we know holds a dart. We can only duck and dodge so many times before someone hits us where it hurts. We spend our lives as a moving target and we invite people into our space to take a shot. We stand there watching like a deer in headlights when life comes at us and hits us head on. We are not broken. We stand up and we wait for it to come at us again. No matter how many times we are knocked down, we will still stand back up. We may never be the same because we have given people we love the power to take a part of us we will never regain. We watch helplessly as someone we love rips away a piece of our heart. We shed a tear, try to get away and hand them another dart. We are not broken, we are damaged. We will stand back up and if we can’t do it on our own, someone will be there to help us up..

13 thoughts on “Do You See Yourself As Broken?

  1. There is a blog I recently came across called Homeless Paradise on word press. It is as compelling a story as I have ever read and continue to view. The nuts and bolts is a young woman grew up without her father. She became involved with the homeless people in Hawaii. She is currently obtaining her Law degree (JD) to help those in need. She found her father on a street corner, staring at the asphalt for hours on end. Mental illness over took his being, voices in his head. This story will tear your heart out. He just went and got his drivers license renewed and wishes to again be a taxi driver. He is on meds, sees his 30 year old daughter and her family regularly. If that man was not broken no one is! I run a soup kitchen (at my church) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00-12:30. I fund it, I cook the meals with the freshest ingredients I can get. I have volunteers, contributors. You see these people are at my dinner table, no questions asked. The Pastor and his wife are involved, an old High School friend of mine off duty-Sheriff Deputy (not uniformed) stands and watches to keep everything orderly. In a beachside community there are hungry people, broken people. I may serve anywhere from 90-140 people on any Tuesday or Thursday. I have been doing this for 10 years now. So, I see broken on these days for sure. Every bit you can do to help a fellow human being is the right thing to do. You see I am a child of privileges who gives back!

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