Compassion, Is It Lost?


Compassion, where are you? Your voice is often stifled, unheard and drown out by the voice of tough love and suck it up. When someone says he has a problem, a voice answers, we all have problems. When someone asks for help, a voice answers, help yourself. When someone asks for a little strength, a voice answers, strength comes from within. True, we all have problems but our coping mechanisms and ability to handle those problems are not the same. That is one example of how we are really NOT created equal. We have varying degrees of problem solving and pain thresholds, that’s just the way it is. The truth is, we can offer hope, we can extend a hand, we can be there to try and understand. We can help carry the burden of others until they find the strength to stand up and walk on their own again. We have the potential to be a crutch while someone is weak and a voice when someone has lost their own. We can say I am sorry you are going through this right now but I will be here for whatever you need. We don’t have to be a lesson for everyone who shows a weakness. We don’t have to constantly remind someone that someone else has it tougher. Pain is pain, period. Who are we to believe we get to determine who is really suffering and who is not. Even people with the best intentions do this very thing. Be kind. Empathize and by all means, find the kindness in yourself it takes to extend compassion to whoever needs some, without judgement, whether you believe they deserve it or not.


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