Words of Encouragement



I wrote this a few months ago but I believe these words are worth repeating

At times we are absolutely sure the sky is failing. We walk around scared and vulnerable just waiting for the pieces to come crashing down. Truthfully, we are stronger than we know and when we have to depend on the support of our legs to hold us up, somehow they find the strength to support us against the brunt of the force. Wear your strength and faith like a hard hat. You have everything you need to get you through whatever life throws your way. Remember to deal with the facts. Sure, it may look cloudy and those clouds are quickly lowering but the sky is not really falling. You can do this, just take it one minute at a time and remember to breathe. It’s okay to be scared. We will all face something at one time or another that will crack the very foundation we’ve spent years of our lives trying to strengthen. Stop looking up at the sky and focus on what’s beneath you. You are strong and you are grounded and you will make it through.


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