I Love You With A Vengeance


It amazes me how different we really are. One thing I’ve always been intrigued about is what determines our mindset. We can face the same exact situation and interpret it entirely different ways. What’s even crazier is how differently we react to the same situation.

For the life of me, I have tried my very best to understand why and how some people feel the need to punish people who displease them. What is the determining factor that allows someone to forgive and forget or maybe shake something off and the people who just cannot let things go. This eye for an eye mentality can really damage relationships, especially if the person who needs vengeance has a warped interpretation of reality in the first place. Generally, I have noticed that this group often feels victimized. Instead of seeing how aggressive they are, they are blinded to their own actions and become super focused on examining and interpreting the actions of others. It seems that obsession, apprehension and expectation that someone will wrong them becomes something they become addicted to. They like being the victim and they don’t even realize it. They actually convince themselves that they are the ones being mistreated and they don’t deserve it, because after all they do so much for the people in their lives. Only they don’t admit that what they do comes attached with strings and expectations and the right to punish anyone who lacks appreciation for all they do. 

It’s a mystery to me and it certainly isn’t healthy for anyone involved. I say it’s best to avoid these people as much as possible and try to be as pleasant and cordial as you possibly can. No one wants to cross someone who is vindictive and no one needs to be the whipping board for someone who really thrives on being angry. Anger gives them power, the power to feel sorry for themselves and punish the people who try and love them but will never live up to their ridiculous standards. It’s everyone else all the time and never the person with the anger issues. Just ask one of them and I’m sure they will tell you that very thing.

We may never understand what makes another person tick. We do, though, have to learn to get along with all types of people no matter how easy going or difficult they are. That’s just the way life is. 


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