Will You Do Better?


Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves and we don’t even realize it. I this, me that. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed yesterday. It has been a long couple of days and with Chase breaking his arm and having a a cast almost up to his shoulder along with seeing the writing assignments that are due later in the week, needless to say I was feeling a little drained. Late night in the ER Friday, cast on Monday and orthodontist on Tuesday. 

I decided to take Chase for lunch before I returned him back to school yesterday. The appointments had been very long and there was so much I needed to catch up on. I finally started to jot down my grocery list and he asked me if I could open his honey mustard packet. I had just waited at the counter and barely balanced the load in my hands to make it to the table and now I have to do something else? I caught myself in that moment and I looked up into my sons green eyes. I looked at that hard, uncomfortable cast covering up his whole arm and my heart opened up like a fast moving flood. I was so caught up in how hard the last couple days were for me that I lost sight of how difficult it must have been for him. I felt a moment of shame but I will keep the lesson with me for a long time,

It’s so important to appreciate what someone else might be going through. Everything can’t always be what I think or how I feel or the way something is for me. We are all different. Our lives are different, the circumstances and situations are different and how we react to them is different too. The next time you get caught up in yourself, remember this story. Express kindness towards others. Offer support and empathy and whatever else you can and never compare your life to theirs. No one needs your judgement or frustration, maybe they just need a little support. And of course I went to Chases favorite restaurant and picked up his favorite dish for dinner tonight. We can’t undo what we’ve done but we can do better than the day before.


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