I’ll Do Me And You Do You


I realized something very important yesterday. When you are honest about your life, your feelings, your flaws and your struggles, you are opening up a door that some will be all too willing to enter. You are taking an enormous risk that people will judge and belittle you because maybe you are experiencing something they cannot even fathom. You also allow someone to compare their life to yours and make you feel crappy about your own. So why do we do it? Why do I do it? I believe that writing has become an avenue of therapy and self discovery for me. It is an avenue that allows me to explore my own life, MY life which consists of so many thoughts, feelings, decisions, regrets and just about anything else you can think of. It’s about my perspective and lessons I have learned through the people in my life or my own experiences. I don’t have to explain that and I sure as heck will not apologize for it. It helps me figure things out and deal with some issues that I can only face once the words are written on a page. There is nothing more rewarding than a reader being deeply touched by something I write. When I can help someone else while I am helping myself, I consider that a wonderful gift. Sure, it might open my own life up to finger pointing and criticism but in the end, the positives far outweigh the negatives. People will always judge. They will continue to try and make you feel inferior and that’s okay. They may use that knowledge against you. I’ve never discovered a way to avoid that. Tell your truth anyway. Be who you are and tell it the way it is and never stop for a second to wonder what anyone else thinks. I’ve always used this line for as long as I can remember. “If you don’t give someone a reason to talk about you, they will look until they find one anyway.” Be you and do it proudly.


15 thoughts on “I’ll Do Me And You Do You

  1. If someone feels compelled to compare their live to yours and to make you feel crappy then they are the ones in need of self-discovery. My journey through this life is also an open book. There has been nothing more rewarding than when I receive a message from a reader telling me that one of my posts had an impact on them. Keep on doing you!

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  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I have a philosophy of living my life for myself. There are a handful of people that I actually care about how they feel/interact with me (wife & kids). Everyone else I pretty much could care less what they think or say.

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  3. twistedstitcherr

    This is how I feel as well, I open my life to those who judge me, but I hope it also inspires someone, or makes them feel not quite so alone in their struggles.

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