You Write it Wednesday


i know, I know! Im a day off. I haven’t known what day it is all week. This one is really deep. Ready?

What is something you cannot forgive yourself for?


20 thoughts on “You Write it Wednesday

  1. Not telling my step-father the most important thing I could ever say to him before he passed away. As I sat there with him in ICU those few agonizing days, the words ran through my head over and over again…but I never said them.

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  2. My little boy has been helping us cook dinner since he could walk, he was helping me one evening, when I popped some mince in the wok and it was much hotter than I thought and oil spat out and hit me, in one instant there was like a quiet moment and then my little boy started screaming. While most of the oil had gone one me (I was standing in front of him) a bit had managed to hit his foot, it was a really bad burn, dashed him to A&E and there were talks of skin grafts and such like. Luckly he is now ok, still helping us cook, although now anything hot he has to go and hide by the fridge and the only thing you can see is the skin on his foot is slightly paler


  3. I’m relieved to say that I’ve learned how to forgive myself of past wrongs. It was very hard at first, but getting better with practice. I’m glad to stop for a second and think about this change, thank you ❤

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