Leading By Example


As a parent, you have to take advantage of every teachable moment. I was on my way out of the parking lot after picking Chase up from school and as I turned onto the main road, the traffic light suddenly turned red. When the cars stopped for the light, I got stuck sideways in between lanes. I really, truly felt bad that I was stuck there in the middle of the road. I did my best to creep up on the car in front of me so people could get by me in the right lane. Almost a second after, a car came flying up beside me and beeped to let me know he was aggravated with the position of my car, which at this point, I could do nothing about. I was mad. I lifted my hand above my steering wheel and I was going to hit my horn with everything I had. A second later, Chase asked why I didn’t beep back. 

“When someone does something nasty or ignorant to you and you do it back, you’re just as bad as the person who did it in the first place.”

  “So say someone is a jerk, I shouldn’t be a jerk     back?

  “I smiled and said, “you got it buddy”. 

Then he innocently said, “what is the horn for anyway?” Just gotta love that kid.

The lesson is, two wrongs never make a right, we have enough jerks in the world already, if  something is wrong, don’t do it, period and the most important of all, think before you react.

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