Bury That Shi%


When is the last time you’ve had to let go of something and you just can’t find a way to do it? You know it’s not good for you but still you cling to it with a death grip, like you couldn’t survive without it. For whatever reason, you are still attached to it consciously or subconsciously. 

There comes a time when the things that haunt you need to be put to rest. It’s time to move on and release whatever it is that’s been holding you back. You cannot get anywhere if you remain stuck. You certainly can’t go back to the past and you can’t quite get to the future if you’re feet keep standing in the same place.. You have to forgive yourself and find the courage to leave whatever it is behind. It could be a memory, a person, a lie you have been telling yourself, an addiction, a feeling like guilt or resentment. Whatever it is, write it down, put it in a box, dig a hole and bury it. Find the closure to know it won’t be hanging over you like a shadow of guilt, shame or pain anymore.

Start to practice this every day. If you start having a bad thought, bury it. A bad day, bury it. Dig that virtual hole and bury every single thing that no longer serves you. Watch whatever it is, visually disappear underneath the earth. Give it some closure and allow yourself to finally have some peace of mind. Say good bye once and for all and go back to living your beautiful life. We carry enough already, put down what’s been too heavy. Love yourself enough to move on. 


12 thoughts on “Bury That Shi%

  1. What if the weed grows back like a mole with a hair in it?:P What if that old buried thing resurfaces some ugly way?

    Sometimes, I think even I get a little sick pleasure from holding onto that dagger in my side and giving it a little twist. But, from where does that come? Why do we do that to ourselves? I suppose, because we didn’t get the closure we wanted, yet, and we lose sight of how to get it or what originally upset us. It turns into something else. And, confused, we don’t readily get rid of it.

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