17 thoughts on “Newsflash!

  1. Are you a Sagittarius, by chance? Born between late November and mid-December?

    Fairness is a vague term/expectation. On a small scale, something might not seem fair. But, if we could back up and see a bigger picture, we might understand why it happened. Imagine you are part of a photograph turned into a jigsaw puzzle. Somewhere cuts have to be made to make the pieces. What if you are in the groove when it is cut? Does that mean you are not still part of the puzzle/bigger picture?

    So, translation, if I may: Life sucks for you right now. And, yes, you set the bar a little high from time to time. It’s the toil of being an idealist/optimist. You could do the opposite and expect the worst, but would that risk being a pessimist/party pooper?

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    • When I say life’s not fair I am referring to coaches and school sports. Example: my daughter joins volleyball team late. She is told she has to make up all the conditioning before she plays. She busted her butt the last 4 weeks to get it done and they still won’t put her in the game. As a parent when your kid says why mom, I have to say sometimes there is no logical reason. Life is never fair. It’s a tough lesson for sure but when she hurts I hurt 😦 just to clarify I never think life sucks. I always have so much to be grateful for and I am a Taurus. A stubborn bull lol! Love the interaction, thanks!

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      • Oh, well I missed the sports details somewhere.

        Sounds like a Sue Heck story.

        I think some kids, no matter how they work, might be ousted by the “cool” kid families, those involved with the school clubs and/or finances. Even teachers might be pushed to favor those who put more money in the pot or push their weight around.

        I’d tell your daughter just that. Money is the root of all evil. And, it may just as well be to blame for you not getting to play.

        You never say it but you said it?

        Welcome. I love Tauruses. 🙂 More like the big, tender hearts with lots of fire to keep them working harder than most. Occasionally, they get a lil hot-headed and impatient. Some have a vice to gamble or indulge.

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      • That’s because Tauruses like to be fed compliments like fertilizer:P I am just guessing, now.

        Many of the good people I have met have been Tauruses. I almost dated, and could have married the first Taurus I met. ‘Didn’t work out that way. The few downsides of the Tauruses I’ve met: Smokers, Sports fanatics, gambling and financial fanaticism. That doesn’t mean all Tauruses exhibit those, but enough have. I had a Taurus Dog boss who was a reliable guy but hard-headed and tight with the company’s money. But, then, that’s why he was put in that position, to cut losses.

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      • Then, you are next to perfection. 🙂

        I don’t smoke (never even tried it once), but have plenty of relatives and coworkers who do/did. Lost a few to it, too. Nor do I drink except on rare occasions (a small glass of wine or a martini).

        I am not entirely opposed to gambling. After all, gambling is something we are often pressed to do with life. It’s like facing a fear or chasing a bus. I just don’t like the temptation of putting one’s life savings on a poker table. I will not risk everything on a game like that…hopefully.

        And, I am a “dumb blonde” when it comes to sports. I pick football teams by their logos and colors. I can barely remember player names and don’t keep up with stats.

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      • How could you get stuck? A “dumb blonde” is the sort of person who might know the words sports and football but nothing about how they work. I am one step above that. I know some terms and player names. But, I don’t have the entire staff, player list or play book in my brain. And, when guys talk about “fantasy sports,” I think of the pick-a-path books I read as a kid. I don’t aspire to pretend I am controlling real players in some fake “league.” It feels a bit immature and is too complex from my POV.

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