Why I Despise Sports


Anyone who has the endurance and patience to continue to follow my posts knows, without a doubt, that I am constantly questioning and reevaluating my own life. Is it any surprise that I do that when it comes to everything else as well? At what point does one say, this is ridiculous and make the changes to live a more sensible life? Ever?

I despise sports. Not the sports themselves but the crap you have to deal with because of the people who run them. I’ll let you decide.

My daughter joined the volleyball team late. She was told she had to make up every day of conditioning before she would be allowed to play. She finished last week and came home happy and high-fiving everyone. We aren’t talking about a few laps around the track. We are talking 1000 push-ups, 1000 sit-ups, 1000 pop ups, suicides and then some more. Is strength and conditioning going to make her a better volleyball player? No, playing volleyball and practicing would but she sat on the bench like a trooper, cheering on her teammates since games started in early August. She has already had 2 games this week. Guess what? She still hasn’t played. Even though she worked to get everything completed, still they won’t put her in a game? What kind of message does that send to an athlete, especially a teenager? If that isn’t bad enough, these kids leave school around 3:00 on the bus. They must stay and sit through freshman, JV and varsity games and ready for this one? They are not allowed to do any school work while they wait. Two nights in a row she has left for school and walked in the door at 9:30 at night. She has 3 games this week and did I mention they don’t stop to get these kids food?So, by the time she actually gets to her homework, it is 10:00 at night. She was up until 1:00 in the morning trying to get it all done.

Someone please tell me when our priorities got so screwed up? When did sports take priority over schoolwork and why the hell doesn’t anyone challenge this? Here’s an even better question, who the hell do these coaches think they are that they can even make a rule as ridiculous as this one? Where are the parents? Why is nothing being done? What if your kid has a huge test the next day? You can’t even pick them up from the game, they have to wait until everyone’s done.

The answer is, we live in a world where people kiss ass to get what they want for themselves. What’s worse, they do it at any cost. They are afraid to make waves because they know all too well, they might face retribution. And no one wants to see their kid take the brunt of the consequence of challenging or questioning a coach. People are weak and they are turning their heads away from the things that really matter. Someone please explain this to me. Am I blowing this way put of proportion or do you see a problem too?


27 thoughts on “Why I Despise Sports

  1. Yes, I see a problem. I was a grade school teacher. Bobby was in sports. We were fortunate that everyone worked together. If there was a game on that night , the teachers either didn’t give out homework or didn’t give out much.
    Secondly, They need to have the kids bring a meal to eat and some snacks along on the bus. Or provide it themselves, which of course isn’t going to happen.
    Kids are hungry after they get out of school. Going 6 more hours without food is just not good.
    It is not unusual to make kids catch up like that.
    It is also not unusual to have one or two players not playing for whatever reason.
    At some point thought they need to be given the opportunity to play. And soon.


  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I know how you feel, my son is on the JV Football team and my daughter dances competitively, so there is a lot of time devoted to athletic endeavors. I am going to offer you an alternative viewpoint.

    First of all I have made it clear to both kids that school is their “full time job.” and that if the grades suffer, then their participation in extracurricular activities will be rolled back. So the tone and expectations are set from day 1. It also helps that we have instructors that, even though they demand a lot of practice time, they also believe that school comes first. For example, my son’s football coach checks grades every Friday and if anyone is under performing then they are suspended from the team until the grades improve. As a result of all this, they understand that the expectation is that they will have to work harder to enjoy those extra activities. This develops a good work ethic at a younger age.

    I have always advocated to my children that “showing up and doing what is expected” is not a guarantee of success, you have to work harder and smarter than everyone else. However what is the other good lesson is that life is not fair. There will be times that, no matter how hard you work you still many not achieve what you desire (or someone else may skate by because of natural talent or who they know). At that point in time is becomes a test of character. Do you pout and quit or persevere and continue to perform at a high level because your character will not allow you to do any less?

    So yes my children are exhausted at the end of every night. It is worth it though because they are happy. Happy that they are allowed to follow their passions. Happy that they have full and exciting life. Happy that athletics are indeed proving to them that hard work and dedication are rewarded.


  3. Okay, I can almost confirm this much. I think there are two coaches or authorities involved in the decision. One is insisting she completes the preliminaries to avoid other players and their parents saying she didn’t do as much. The other authority is more concerned with the focus on the game and has no patience for distractions, not even homework. Neither is very academic. Too many energy drinks and cups of coffee.


  4. I play rec volleyball, so at least we sort of organize ourselves… That said, it can get irritating when some of the people who do play on leagues (and think they’re the shit) try and squeeze out people they don’t normally play with. You can stand in hitters position half the night and they will consistently set to the other side. I get bitchy with them after a while. πŸ˜‰

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